about southern falls

Southern Falls is far more than a destination, it is the heart and soul of dreams realized and inspiration yet to be experienced. It is a living, breathing brand that stands for a way of life and  a commitment to excellence that can be seen across its landscape and felt at the mere mention of its name. The sounds of truth echo here without walls and the creativity that lives here has no limits. This is far more than a place to be...this is a way to be.

As a world-class retreat destination, set on over 5,000 acres of wilderness, Southern Falls includes two lodges that can accommodate 75+ people, a western saloon, an amphitheater, a full-scale replica of AT&T Park and Fenway Park, bowling alleys, an arcade, a full gym, a dedicated music room, stocked fishing lakes, shooting range, horseback riding, ATV trails and Jake is still dreaming up things to add.

With all of the activities, you might not even venture into the wilderness. But if you do, you'll be surrounded by herds of deer, that are all contained in a 3,000 acre high fence within the compound. If you like to fish, venture down to Mill Creek, a tributary of the Alabama River, where they pulled out the world record alligator. When you come back to the ranch, relax in upscale amenities.

Customizable packages available. Contact us for details.




Catherine, AL


  • Music Room 
  • Guided Hunt's/Target Shooting
  • Fishing
  • Horseback Riding 
  • Play baseball on replica Fenway/AT&T field
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Classic Arcade
  • Relax in the Saloon or Lodge 
  • The list goes on and on...


A brand that makes "living the dream" a reality.