about jake

Jake currently pitches for the San Francisco Giants, where he has become a World Series Champ for the second time. He's been a starting pitcher for the Padres,  White Sox, Red Sox, and Giants. The uber successful pitcher has a long list of awards, but his heart is even bigger. He started his nonprofit charity foundation in 2012 to give back through two things he loves most: arts and athletics. Being moved by music so much, Jake bought and transformed a recording studio in his hometown, Mobile, Alabama to cultivate a forward movement in the music scene there. Jake resides in Catherine, Alabama on 5,000 acres of property he purchased. Jake thoroughly loves spending time with friends and family, as well as meeting new individuals with like-minded passions. Again, living, giving, and loving seem to be the words to wrap up Jake as an individual. 




Steak and Potato's

first car

1997 Red two-door Pathfinder